Design Notifications
Engage us to create your design notifications – to ensure that installation risks are addressed at design stage to ALARP standards.

We specialise in creating the correct documentation for presentation to Health and Safety authorities, facilitating efficient sign off of projects. Working with 6 Engineering means that project documentation will accurately demonstrate due diligence, getting it right first time, every time.

Engineering Ltd provide the services of a qualified and experienced IChemE trained HAZOP Chairman and have chaired HAZOP studies for companies such as AMEC and BP.

We have recently chaired several HAZOP studies for a proof of concept design in the UK chemicals sector; we also provided support and guidance, to ensure adequate quality for HAZOP action responses.

We also Facilitated Construction HAZID studies for BP as part of our work with Wood Group PSN

HAZOP Studies
Guideword-led study
Risk Ranking
Tie-in to LOPA
Action Review
Construction HAZID
Guideword-led study
Risk Ranking
Interface Management
Action Review
See the white papers page for detailed examples

Design Safety Review
Exprienced consultants available to chair design safety reviews on projects ranging from minor modifications through to full installations.

Guideword-led study
Risk Ranking
Interface Management
Action Review
Asset Ageing
HSE guidance IS4/2009
Targeted Questionnaire
Oil & Gas UK guidance HS084 (equipment obsolescence)
We used industry guidance to develop an assessment tool and undertake a Technical Audit to determine whether management of ageing assets is adequate, in order to identify gaps, evaluate risk and make appropriate recommendations.

Layer of Protection Analysis
Early design stage check
Post-HAZOP SIL target allocation
Management of Change
6 Engineering understand the necessity for fully functioning and independent layers of protection. We can analyse your HAZOP study output to identify common initiating events, layers of protection and we can assess the architecture of proposed or installed safety instrumented systems to determine their SIL rating as well as reliability and hardware fault tolerance.

Our consultants can facilitate a multi-discipline workshop to review our findings and obtain buy-in from workshop participants.

Major Accident Hazard (MAH) Scenario Modelling
Fire modelling
Thermal Radiation Effects
Explosion modelling
Dispersion modelling
Toxic effects
6 Engineering can prepare and/or review assessments using PHAST, including catastrophic tank failures, hole leaks, vessel overfills, pipe ruptures and flare thermal radiation isopleths.

Offshore hazardous area classification
Hazardous Area Classification
6 Engineering can undertake analysis of potential gas releases for modifications to a facility, using, for example, EI15 or IGEM/SR/25 guidance as appropriate, and review/update the hazardous area drawings as required.

We can provide unignited release modelling to assesses potential flammable atmospheres.

Unignited flare dispersion modelling
Pilot flame failure
Flammable gas composition formulation
6 Engineering have formulated heavy gas compositions to allow droplet dispersion analysis in the event of pilot flame failure.

We can provide modelling of blowdown scenarios by simulating gas compositions to assess the dispersion properties of the unignited gas.

ISSOW/Control of Work management system healthcheck
HSE guidance HSG250/HSG253/Loss of Containment Manual
Targeted Questionnaire
Offshore scope
Using industry guidance, 6 Engineering have developed an assessment tool to determine where weaknesses may lie with the management of ISSOW/Control of Work.

Installation Hazards Review
Guideword-led study
“What has?”, not “What if?”
Asset Integrity
Offshore scope
6 Engineering pioneered a new approach to identifying new potential causes of Major Accident Hazards. We developed and refined the scope and we chaired onshore and offshore workshops.

Installation Hazard Reviews, by their nature, lead to a significant number of actions. 6 Engineering can evaluate risk and complexity/cost to support an ALARP assessment.

Safety Case Thorough Review Management
Safety Case Thorough Reviews
Scope Development
The Offshore Installations (Offshore Safety Directive) (Safety Case etc.) Regulations 2015
Project Management
6 Engineering have managed the Thorough Reviews of three UK North Sea Installations for an international operator. We developed and organised the scope of the overall thorough review, we developed scope for key studies and workshops, managed third-party suppliers and undertook the ALARP assessment of the potential risk reduction measures.

Technical Author
Regulator observations
Nuclear New-Build
6 Engineering have prepared responses to regulator observations and questions on design documentation. Our work has been lauded by the client as being essential to their success in the UK.

We have also undertaken toxic gas dispersion modelling for a nuclear fuel production facility.

Technical Audits
Technical Audits involve taking industry guidance, preparing an audit ToR (including question set), conducting an audit, and then assessing the results to risk-rank the findings.

Our principal consultant has undertaken a Lead Auditor’s course (ISO9001:2015) to supplement engineering experience and judgement in this area.